Caving Equipment

Cave Trip Equipment List

This list of required items is the absolute minimum you must have to cave safely. Caving is a combination of rock climbing, hiking, and crawling, and exploring all done in the dark inside a mountain. Many of these items you will already own. Other items you may need to purchase or borrow. I have many spare items which I will loan for the trip, but depending on the size of the group, do not count on borrowing something to go. Contact Mike if you have questions.

The list of suggested items will make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Although not required, give them some thought, especially if you already own them or can easily borrow them for this adventure. For those interested in trip 2 through the stream passage, You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to bring these suggested items due to the  length of this trip.

An equipment check will be made BEFORE we depart the campground to the cave.


Required Items to Cave

1. A good attitude and a belief in cave conservation. "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time." is the cavers creed. (Caves and their features are limited resources that take tens of thousands to millions of years to form. Help protect these beautiful sights for future generations to enjoy. Anything broken, damaged, destroyed, defaced, trash/graffiti left inside, or stolden/removed from a cave will take tens of thousands of years to millions of years to return to its natural state if ever. These destructive actions are illegal and immoral and will not be tolerated.)

2. Head mounted light (suggest "Night Blaster" or "Coleman" available from Walmart/K-Mart for $7.99, uses "AA" batteries, 4 each. This is the light I use and will last a lifetime. A "C or D" size flash light may be used duct-taped to your helmet.)

3. Back up flash light (2 "C or D" battery size minimum or a second "Night Blaster")

4. Two extra sets of batteries for each light for trip 1 Beginner. 4 extra sets of batteries for head mounted light and 2 sets for backup second light for trip 2. (Light is life underground)

5. Spare bulb for each light (at least one spare bulb per family)

6. Hard Hat (Construction, meat cutter, bike, rollerblade, or roller skating helmets may be used here, but head protection is a must to prevent "cave kisses" to your scalp... LOL)

7. Boots (Sneakers / tennis shoes not allowed!!!!!!! Any type hiking boot, snow boot or work boot will do. Soft sided canvas or cloth boots OK but I prefer leather myself for ankle support.)

8. Sturdy clothing appropriate for 54 degree weather. (Blue jeans, sweater or flannel shirt and light jacket are excellent. You will get dirty, don't wear your best Jordash jeans LOL. The temperature inside the cave is 54 degrees all year round. )

9. 20 oz water bottle for trip one,  2 ea. 20 oz bottles suggested for trip two (empty soda bottle works great, bring water, tea, Gatorade, ect.... soda is not recommended)

10. High energy snack (granola bar, fruit roll ups, nuts, candy bars, ect..... )

11. Extra duct tape for those who tape a flash light to their helmet (not required for those who have straps on their "Colemans" or "Night Blasters". Remove from roll about 6' and roll up upon itself to save space)

12. Space Blanket or two large plastic trash bags (kitchen size is OK but lawn and leaf size is better, pocket size disposable ponchos work good too)


Suggested Equipment but Not Required

1. Small back pack, fanny pack or belt pack (To carry batteries, spare light, water bottle ect ) One family member may carry all items for family in one pack.

2. Gloves (Leather palm garden gloves work great, but anything is better than nothing)

3. Wool or Thermal socks (Especially if you are going on trip 2 through the stream passage, even wet, wool retains 90% of its insulating qualities)

4. Long johns or thermal underwear (Especially if you are going on trip 2, you WILL get wet to at least the knees, maybe to the thighs )

5. Camera with FLASH (disposable cameras work great here, take memories of your adventure home to share with your friends)

6. A third small pocket flash light ("AA" mini mag size is recommended, "AAA" is OK, again ... Light is life underground)

7. Knee / Elbow pads (I use rollerblade pads, but any type will do, rocks are hard on the joints)

8. Change of clothes and shoes to leave in car for after the trip. (You will get dirty, but your car does not have to.... LOL )

9. Small first aid kit (Bandaids, ace bandage, ect... one per family)

10. Candles (provide light without using up batteries when resting and warmth if you get to wet and cold)

11. Water proof matches (to light candles)

12. Whistle (takes less energy and sounds travel further if you are lost or need help)

13. Pad and pen (Take notes on where you are going so you don't get lost, all rocks look alike after a couple of hours underground.. LOL )

14. Compass (yes... they do work underground, north will always be north, left and right depend on which way you are facing... LOL)

15. Extra boot laces ( they will never break while sitting in your closet, but they might elsewhere)

Cave Trip 2 and More Pictures

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